The first time you build a dome will be the longest it will ever take. That’s because the concepts are new, and inevitably you’re going to mess up and put the wrong strut in the wrong place, and you’ll have to go back and fix it, etc. The cutting of the PVC will take a couple of hours. You can make it very efficient by using a table saw or a cutoff saw. Once the PVC poles are cut and labeled, one person can build a frequency 2 dome in about 2 hours. A frequency 3 dome is going to take about 4 hours, and a frequency 4 dome will take one person about 8 hours. Truly, the more people the better, and if one of them knows what they’re doing, and can manage the others, it can cut the time in half. For instance, in the video on the 'Builds' page, it took a half dozen people 8 hours to build a 25' diameter frequency 6 dome, but some people were definitely working harder than others.